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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Nov 23: An Amazing Technical Risk Analysis Blueprint Guaranteed To Multiply Profits - System Trading Blog

Are all traders risk takers? Trading is certainly risky, this is why you need a technical risk analysis. No trade has a guaranteed outcome, so the possibility of being wrong and losing money is always present. So when you execute a trade, can you consider yourself a risk-taker? Logically, you would think that if you engage in an activity that is inherently risky, then you must be a risk-taker. Virtually all traders make this assumption, and most traders even take pride in thinking of themselves as risk-takers...more.

Nov 22: How to Pull Back and Bounce Back From a Bad Trade - System Trading Blog

Everyone makes mistakes in the markets. But, how do you bounce back and pull back from a bad trade? There's really no such thing as a perfect trader, and don?t believe anyone who says they?ve never had a loss. They have, and if they are any good, they?ve learned from their mistakes, and then put the mistakes behind them...more.