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Monday, December 19, 2005

Dec 19: Trading Guru Reveals Personal Money Management Secrets - Hidden Tactics That Ensure Trading Profits - System Trading Blog

How personal money management works: In the markets it`s possible to be right, and to still lose money. In fact, it`s pretty common. Traders who win on a high percentage of their trades often end up with their capital eaten away, and nothing to show for their work. They lose their gains because they don`t know how to manage their money..more ..

Dec 17: Trading Expert Reveal Secrets That Helps Beginners Master Commodity Markets - System Trading Blog

Nothing we do in society prepares us to function effectively in the commodity markets and an environment with no real boundaries. But, most of us are brought up to function well in society, so we`ve acquired strategies for fulfilling our needs and desires that are geared toward social interaction and acceptance. We don`t just take what we want ? we take other people into consideration, too. Not only have we learned to depend on each other to fulfill our needs and desires, but in the process we`ve acquired many socially-based techniques for assuring that other people behave in a manner that is consistent with what we want...more..

Dec 16: How Stops Help You To Make Money In The Stock Market - System Trading Blog

To make money in the stock market, setting stops is an imprecise science and involves a lot of trial and error, but it is an integral part of being a successful trader. A good analogy is to compare stops to buying insurance for your business. Should you avoid insurance altogether just because you're not sure exactly how much you need, or because it will cost you a little money? No. Instead, you estimate and do the best you can, and in the end it will be well worth the effort. ..more..