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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Dec 27: Confidential Tactics Reveal How To Make Excellent Forex Trades - System Trading Blog

Trading is often considered a risky business. But, no one denies that there are also great rewards to be found in the markets. This dichotomy appears in every trade made. The key to making good forex trades is to understand this fact, and calculate the risk to reward ratio of all forex trades you make. You need to know what the likely return of the trade is if it goes according to plan, and how much are you likely to lose if it doesn`t. You need to know this before you make one or more forex trades...more..

Dec 26: Hidden Blueprint for Profiting In Stock Trades - Managing and Exiting Positions - Part 3 - System Trading Blog

Once you`ve found the best entry point for your stock trades, you need to keep your position out of trouble while you hold it and wait for potential profits. How does a position get into to trouble? In an environment as volatile as the market, there are many ways, but the one that often triggers a position to move against you is market news. The only way to guard against sudden turns in the market is by setting stops. Stops must be set on every trade. This topic is so important that I`ve devoted several articles to it that you might want to read for more detailed information...more..

Dec 23: Hidden Blueprint for Profiting In Stock Trades - Selecting The Perfect Entry - Part 2 - System Trading Blog

Once you`ve put the time and effort into coming up with a sound trading plan for your stock trades, and have found a good trading opportunity, it makes sense to start the trade right. Finding a good point to enter into a position involves several issues. Fist, you must know the time frame of your trade. For a particular trend stock trades, for example, you might know that you should enter no earlier than a week before the event creating the trend. Next, you must examine charts to see where the stock trades have been and where its support and resistance levels are, and think about it`s psychological support and resistance levels as well. Last, you should wait for a pullback in price if you believe that the price is temporarily high and that it will drop and create a better buying opportunity for you...more..

Dec 22: Hidden Blueprint for Profiting In Stock Trades - Entering, Holding and Exiting - Part 1 - System Trading Blog

To quote that famous line from the eighties television show, The A-Team:

I love it when a plan comes together

With stock trades, I always have a plan, and so do all successful traders. Why is this so important?..more..

Dec 21: Professional Market Investor Reveals A Short-Cut To Mastering Stock Market Investing Rules - System Trading Blog

To operate effectively in any stock market investing environment, you need rules and boundaries to guide your behaviour. No matter what `system`you`ve developed, the potential exists to do financial damage to yourself ? damage that can be greater than you think is possible. There are many types of trades which the risk of loss is unlimited...more..